Gundam 00 First batch

March 25, 2010

First upload post so let me explain how I will do uploads for a series.

1) I will upload a series when I feel I’ve got a lot of the stuff that’s out there. This will not be everything ofcourse.

2) I will upload it in 4 different files:

-Extreme Manga. This will contain stuff like femdom, futanari, torture etc. Will also contain both translated and non-translated stuff.

-Normal Manga: Raw: This will be contain the normal hentai that’s untranslated. Might still contain rape/incest/loli but that’s pretty normal stuff nowadays.

-Normal Manga Translated: See above, but translated

-CG Sets: Not gonna do special tags for this, since there usually aren’t many CG sets anyway. Will warn for futa/torture etc in description.

I upload the files at deposit files. I know the wait timer is annoying, but since my uploads will be consist of multiple manga/cg set in one file you shouldn’t have that much issues with it.

3) If I find a new manga/cg set for a series I’ll upload it and give it a proper tag if it’s futanari, torture etc. I’m not tagging series with any of the special tags, because that would ruin the whole point of categories.

Now let’s get started with the first upload: Gundam 00

CG Sets


DQN jinan no yaritai houdai

[Garandou] Nena-san ga Kuchakucha ni sareru hanashi

[Ichijiku] Lewd Captive (Minor Scat)

Double Booking

Gundam00 GN denchi

Lewd Captive 2

Lolita Channel gundam 00

NG Field! (Lots of futanari)

Ori no naka no benki (Bestiality, Futanari, Scat, Giant Insertion, Egg in Womb, Torture and more. Be warned)


Sumeryu 2nd (A bit extreme)

Woman’s Battlefield (gundam 00 only)

Extreme Mangas:


Toukou Ryoushu – Raw – Torture

Nyuu Generation – Raw – Extreme (Pregnancy warning)

Hakkou Hime To Tsuntsun Megane – Translated – Futanari

[Escargot Club] Pink Tyh00n – Raw – Futanari

[Gemashafu] Fukushu no Ruisu – Raw – Futanari

[Matumoto Drill Laboratory] Kono Sekai ni Kami ha i nai – Raw – Futanari

Glasses 00 – Translated – Femdom

Normal Raw:

24 raw manga.

Normal translated:

10 translated manga.


Short Explanation

March 25, 2010

Right so, first of all let me explain the point of this blog. This blog was made for 2 reasons:

1) To have a hentai blog that has some of the more sick forms of hentai, like guro, torture but also stuff like femdom, futanari etc. This might explain the name.

2) As a backup to hentai that I have, so I can save a lot of space on my external hard disk.


I’ll be using mostly the following categories to make it easier to find what you want:




-Giant Insertion

-Name of a series

These shouldn’t need any explanation. I’ll also use these:

-Torture, for doujins that focus on making girls suffer in pain. A lot of these will not even have blood in it, making it different from guro.

-Guro, for doujins that focus more on the gore then on the girls that are being killed.

-Pain/Extreme, for doujins which shows girls in pain, but not because of torture. This will mostly be used for girls going insane because of giant dicks/getting fucked too hard.

I won’t use categories like anal/gangbang/rape/incest etc since those are just too common. Also not using stuff like cum-puking/mind break since they are usually included in torture/pain/extreme already anyway.

Lastly I won’t use categories like pregnancy, futa girl on guy because these are too rare. I’ll probably give a warning before uploading those though.

Anyway that’s all, will start uploading some after this post.


March 25, 2010

First post on this blog.

Just testing stuff atm, I am however planning on uploading a lot of hentai to this blog.

I’ll make a second post to explain what I am going to do.